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What you need to know when packaging a case

Dawn Mirfin | 17.06.2020

We’re committed to providing the best possible service, while helping you to get you applications right first time. So when submitting a case to us, other than knowing which product is best suited, it’s essential you’re providing the correct information as and when it’s required.

This sounds more straightforward than it looks, and it’s easy for key information to be missed off of an application. This can results in unnecessary delays, not to mention wasting your time and that of your client.

From giving us more background on a case to covering the smallest of details, here are our suggestions for packaging your next case.

Uploading the right documents

It seems simple, but double checking your documents makes such a difference. Make sure you always log into the broker portal and upload the documents against the actual checklist item outstanding. We cannot give you a firm decision without sight of the essential documents, so it’s important you provide them to us.

Most of the information we ask would be collected by you as part of your advice process – the more information you provide, the quicker the final outcome will be delivered.

Don’t miss the little details

It’s true that the devil is in the detail. Providing the right information and documents to a lender to support a mortgage application is not rocket science.

However, there are a few essential things you need to provide that will help to make you cases run a lot smoother.

  • Check spelling of names -  incorrect spellings can result in incorrect credit searches
  • Ensure the applicant details are not all typed in capitals. When we correct this to the correct letter case this will generate a further credit search
  • Check dates of birth – most lenders have minimum/maximum ages and affects credit search results
  • Check address history – most lenders require a three year address history
  • Provide a full breakdown of the loan requirements, with notes if necessary
  • Check the income keyed corresponds with the evidence you provide
  • Key correct National Insurance numbers – ‘made up numbers’ create a fraud alert against you client
  • If the case has been pre-agreed or discussed, add a note confirming details

Tell us a story

Who doesn’t love a good story?

Each application we receive is reviewed manually by an underwriter, who has the experience, mindset and intention to lend wherever possible. If they have all the right information, this makes the process a lot easier.

Our underwriters are humans, so if you explain any unusual, standout or conflicting/complex information, it helps them to build the picture and validate the case.   

By simply adding a note to the system briefly explaining the application and you will find life is much easier. Some examples may include:

  • A ‘blip’ on the credit search – explain the circumstances
  • If their income includes multiple allowances, explain them and when they’re paid
  • If they’ve moved around a bit, explain why and who they’ve been living with
  • A short paragraph outlining the loans often helps – e.g., say you have a residential loan for two applicants moving nearer to work to reduce their commute. Applicant one is a doctor and their income is made up of basic pay, large town allowance, skills payment and regular overtime. Applicant two is an office worker, and their income is made up of basic pay, regular monthly overtime and annual bonus.
  • If they have a gifted deposit, what is the relationship of the gift or to the applicant(s)

Each client case is unique, so it’s important to give as much background to a case as possible, and to make sure you explain any anomalies or stand out points. 

Remember: the more information you provide, the better.

Still need some help?

If you need further support before planning your applications, then we’re here to help.

Please speak to our broker liaison team on 01634 835791 and they’ll be happy to provide support where possible.

If you need a more in-depth understanding of how exactly Kent Reliance for Intermediaries could help you, please contact your senior business development manager.

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