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Is shared ownership the answer?

Adrian Moloney | 08.07.2020

Have you noticed a decrease in home ownership for the younger generations?

Despite recent stamp duty changes from the government, many first-time buyers may still be struggling to get onto the property ladder, with one of the greatest challenges they face being securing a substantial deposit.

Could shared ownership be the answer?

With lower deposits required, these types of properties may be more accessible for first-time buyers, offering them the chance of finding a place they can call home, just at a more affordable price.

Well, the good news is that Kent Reliance for Intermediaries understands the intricacies of shared ownership, not to mention the demands that residential buyers may face in today’s climate.

  • But is shared ownership all it’s cracked up to be?
  • What essentials you should consider when discussing shared ownership with a client?
  • And how exactly can we help your residential clients?

With our impressive market knowledge and experience in dealing with these types of cases, you’re in good hands with Kent Reliance for Intermediaries.

Read the full article today to discover why shared ownership may be the solution for your clients, and how you can constantly rely on us to provide answers to your most demanding residential cases.

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