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The importance of professional relationships

Adrian Moloney | 13.07.2020

If you were to ever need advice, there’s a good chance you know who you’d turn to. Whether that’s a lender, a broker network or a financial advisor, a little advice goes a long way.

By knowing who you can rely on when you’re facing challenges, you can be continuously providing answers for you clients, even in today’s demanding and ever-changing market.

Maintaining good relationships is essential, with obvious benefits; however, they need to be maintained or even reassessed. This means that you can be a source of knowledge for your clients when they come to you with challenging cases.

In keeping with this theme of industry relationships and the benefits they bring, our very own Adrian Moloney, Group Sales Director, sat down for a chat with Greg Cunnington, Director of Lending Relationships and New Homes, Alexander Hall.

Together, these two experts discussed the importance of building and maintaining professional relationships, the benefits that sound advice can bring and the potential pitfalls that both brokers and clients should watch out for.

Some of the topics that came up included:

  • The demand for professional networks and their importance
  • Why communicating with clients correctly is essential
  • Considerations for those looking to set up advice networks
  • The right time for clients to get in touch with the recommended advisers

Interested to know how you could strengthen your professional relationships? Or are you looking to find more resources to lean upon when facing challenging cases?

Either way, read the full list of questions that were put to Greg by Adrian to get the full rundown of how strong professional relationships can benefit your business and the services you provide.

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