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Supporting self-employed and furlough income clients

Adrian Moloney | 01.07.2020

Do you know how much of the UK workforce has been affected by COVID-19?

It may be more than you realise, and could mean you’ll be seeing an increase in furloughed and self-employed clients coming to you for lending support over the coming months – or even longer.

In these times, it’s important you know how to support your customers, especially those concerned about their financial eligibility.

The good news is that our flexible criteria and common-sense style of lending could provide answers for your furloughed and self-employed clients. We’ll provide a more human approach, with our underwriters using their experience and initiative to help you solve your cases. 

As well as individually assessing each application we receive, we’ve tailored our product ranges to help those affected by COVID-19. This means both you and your clients are in good hands.

Read our overview of how the furloughed and self-employed are coping during these unprecedented times, along with how we can help.

  • Discover how much furlough income we accept
  • Find out what additional information we need from you when applying
  • See how we can support those on the Self-Employed Income Support Scheme (SEISS)

Read the full article for more information on how we could help your self-employed and furloughed clients that have been impacted.

Find out how our flexibility and common-sense lending can provide the right support for those needing it most.

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