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Why we’re a lender that’s good with odd cases

Adrian Moloney | 14.07.2020

Here are some of the ways we’re able to support you:

Specialist knowledge from a national BDM team

This year has brought a lot of uncertainty to the mortgage market and with that in mind, the proportion of specialist investors seeking experienced, professional advice is likely to increase.

This is the time where trusted advisors can make the most impact, and provide solutions to complex and challenging cases.

We understand that it can be difficult to find the right answers, especially in a market that’s constantly changing, growing and throwing up new challenges (some that are totally unforeseen).

With each application, we seek to offer our brokers a personal style of service, providing them with the support they need in order to complete cases and ultimately, ensure they have a happy client.

We have a national team of business development managers who are always on hand to speak to you. In fact, the best way to get the information you need is to contact your local business development manager first.

They’re experienced in all things odd, so why not give them a call today to discuss a case you’re working on?  

Individual case assessment to crack odd cases

Manual underwriting allows us to consider each loan on a case-by-case basis. Providing numerous benefits for our brokers and their clients, we believe a human approach can provide better solutions.

And here’s why:

  • Each mortgage we receive is individually underwritten. That way, if your case doesn’t fit our criteria perfectly, we’re well placed to discuss with you and explore other options.
  • Each member of our underwriting team has an extensive market knowledge allowing them to make fully informed decisions on cases.
  • Alongside your dedicated BDM, one of our experienced (and very human) underwriters will take personal responsibility throughout your case
  • When it comes to criteria, we look at the case in the round – rather than depending on algorithms and rigid formulae that can hinder approval of a complex case. This means we can help where high street lenders may not be able to.

Now you know some of the basics around what makes us good with odd, why not get in contact today?

We’d love to hear from you. Speak to your business development manager, or call our broker liaison team on 01634 835791 today.

Let us solve your odd cases

Speak to your business development manager and find your next case solution.

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