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How brokers can make their email communications work harder

Jim Brown | 03.08.2020

While email might not be the newest digital channel in your arsenal, it’s still an extremely effective way of getting in front of your clients. It provides the opportunity for you to reach your clients directly and tailor your messaging to the needs of each one. 

According to Forbes, the average person checks their email 15 times a day1 and whilst that means plenty of chances to get your message seen, it’s getting noticed that counts. On your personal account for instance, how many times have you deleted an email (or marked as read to get rid of the notification) without even reading it? We’ve all done it, but the brands sending those emails out to us were obviously hoping for each customer to consume their content.

With this in mind, it’s extremely important to make any email communication you send work as hard as possible. Whether you’re using an automated platform (which we’d recommend so you pull performance stats) or just sending directly from your Outlook account, we wanted to provide a couple of tips to maximise the efficiency of your content.

1. Write compelling (but snappy) subject lines to encourage people to open your email. You could have the most engaging content in the world within your email, but if no one opens to read it then that effort is wasted.

2. Test different subject lines and calls to action. On many automated platforms you can use A/B testing functionality to see whether certain words or phrases get people to open or click through from your email content. It could even be as simple as the colour of a button that increases your click through rate by 20%.

3. For email templates, put your logo in the upper left hand side of the email to draw the eye as soon as the email is opened. This will start to build brand recognition and ensure you can stay front of mind.

4.Make sure the subject line, email and calls to action are aligned. If the subject line has nothing to do with the email body, you risk losing people once they start reading. Equally if your email is about getting in contact for example, but the call to action directs them to a page with no contact details, you’ll likely lose that customer’s interest. Ultimately, you want to provide a seamless user journey to make the life of your client as easy as possible.

5. Clean your mailing list regularly. It’s incredibly important that you’re GDPR compliant, but also that you’re not sending emails to unengaged contacts. It’s worth keeping an eye on engagement levels to cut out anyone who has consistently left your content unopened.

6. Stick to fewer than three typefaces otherwise you risk your email appearing cluttered and hard to read. Keep it simple.

7. Include an email signature (and that’s on replies too). It makes it far easier for someone to contact you if your details are right there in the email itself.

And to further brush up on your skills why not research some free email marketing courses, like this one. We hope this helps in maximising the potential of your email content and ultimately, drives business.



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