Finance of Investing

The Finance of Investing:

Tracking landlords' costs and economic contributions

Part of the Buy to Let Britain research series

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    The cost of running an investment property hits £3,632 per year

    Landlords contribute £15.9bn each year to the UK economy

    As professional investors are well aware, there is far more to being a landlord than simply buying a property and collecting rent. It comes with an obligation to provide a service to the tenant and requires continued investment in maintaining and servicing properties, both to protect the value of the property investment and to ensure the accommodation is of a high enough standard to match tenants demand.

    As the new tax changes take hold, therefore, it is all the more vital that current and prospective landlords understand running and set up costs, and how these have changed, and indeed, where they may be able to trim overheads to protect their margins.

    Part of the Buy to Let Britain research series, The Finance of Investing report tracks UK landlords' costs and economic contributions. It includes a run through of the total average costs of running a Buy to Let and a break down of regional differences.

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