Residential Mortgage Product Transfer

The Product Transfer scheme allows existing customers to transfer to a new mortgage deal when their current deal is coming to an end, or sooner if they request. A transfer of deal requires no valuation or underwriting assessment.

Please see below for our residential mortgage product transfer rates for existing Kent Reliance mortgage customers. Please note that this page is for intermediaries only, please refer to the Coming to the end of your deal section of the Kent Reliance website to present to your client.

If your clients account number starts with 800, see information on how to complete the product transfer on behalf of your client via our online portal on our Product Transfer Portal Hub. If your clients account number starts with 700 please see details on the paper based process on our main Mortgage Product Transfer page. If your client isn't currently a Kent Reliance customer, please see our standard residential mortgages page.

Moneyfacts Awards 2018

The Moneyfacts Awards are fast approaching. We would appreciate it if you could nominate OneSavings Bank (which Kent Reliance for Intermediaries is a part of) for the Best Specialist Mortgage Provider award. Don’t miss the chance to have your say – find out how to place your nomination.

Product detail

LTV Mortgage type Term Initial rate Product fee Min loan size Max loan size Early repayment charge* Product code
85% Discounted Variable1 2 3.79% 0.25% £1,000 £3,000,000 No ERCs 00696 KCHR1605
85% Fixed 2 3.89% 0.25% £1,000 £3,000,000 3% in years one and two 00697 KCHR1605
85% Fixed 3 4.09% 0.25% £1,000 £3,000,000 3% in years one, two and three 00698 KCHR1605
85% Fixed 5 4.09% 0.25% £1,000 £3,000,000 3% in years one, two, three, four and five 00699 KCHR16F5
90% Discounted Variable2 2 4.09% 0.25% £1,000 £3,000,000 No ERCs 00700 KCHR1605
90% Fixed 2 4.19% 0.25% £1,000 £3,000,000 3% in years one and two 00701 KCHR1605
90% Fixed 3 4.39% 0.25% £1,000 £3,000,000 3% in years one, two and three 00702 KCHR1605
90% Fixed 5 4.39% 0.25% £1,000 £3,000,000 3% in years one, two, three, four and five 00703 KCHR16F5
12.29% | 21.99%

The Standard variable rate is 6.08%.
All of our products are subject to availability and may be withdrawn at any time.
ERCs may be incurred for full redemption or repayment of capital.

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