Our commitment to you

When we say that it’s our service that sets us apart, we mean it. That’s why we’ve created our Broker Service charter to show our dedication to the intermediaries we work with. Here is what we promise:

You can hold us to these five promises for as long as we work with you.

1. We’ll be personal

We promise you’ll always deal with a person – never just a website or a quote engine.

2. We’ll be flexible

Our lending criteria are (and will remain) flexible, to help fit your clients’ many and differing needs.

3. We’ll provide good service

We guarantee to give every case the time, respect and care it deserves.

4. We’ll provide great value

You can count on us to offer fairly priced, quality products for you and your customers.

5. We’ll be innovative

We’re committed to continuously looking at ways to improve our products and services, and the ways we do business with our partners.

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