Submitting porting applications


The majority of our residential mortgage products are normally portable, unless specifically stated otherwise. This means that the benefits of your client’s existing mortgage (up to the outstanding balance of their current mortgage) can be transferred to their new home, subject to our lending criteria at the time of any move. For porting applications, any early repayment charges will not be charged but the existing interest rate will not apply to any additional funds your client borrows unless it is our Standard variable rate.

To submit a porting application:

1. Download and complete the Further Advance AIP and Application form and email it to This form provides us with:

  • The authority to speak to you on your client’s behalf
  • The information to generate a Mortgage Illustration for your client
  • Your client's consent to run an Agreement in principle

You should have a response to the Agreement in principle within 48 hours.

2. The AIP form and the application form is now one document, the Bank will therefore proceed to full application with the form that has already been completed. 

Further advance rate guide

To find out more about our application criteria and the documentation you will need to provide, please download our Guide to Broker Portal Submission.

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