Mortgage Product Transfer

The mortgage product transfer scheme allows you to transfer an existing Kent Reliance mortgage customer to a new mortgage deal when their current deal is coming to an end, or sooner if they request. A transfer requires no valuation or underwriting assessment.
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Buy to Let products

  • BTL Standard

    The full list of our BTL standard product transfer rates.

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  • BTL Specialist

    The full list of our BTL specialist mortgage transfer rates.

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  • BTL Ex-Pat

    The full list of our BTL ex-pat mortgage product transfer rates.

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Residential products

  • Standard Residential

    The full list of our current standard residential mortgage product transfer rates.

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  • Shared Ownership

    The full list of our current shared ownership mortgage product transfer rates.

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How it works

To complete the product transfer, please follow the below steps: 

Step 1: Retrieve the customer Product Transfer information letter and view our products to see what’s available for your client.
The product transfer information letter is sent to the customer 3 months before the expiry of their current mortgage. You can also request this by calling 01634 835791. 

Step 2: Choose the product best suited to your customer’s needs and complete the broker authorisation form.
This form needs to be signed by both the assisting broker and the customer and then scanned and 
returned back to us. Please email it back to and we will reply within 5 
working days with the customer product transfer information.

Step 3: Check and confirm all details of the product transfer are correct
If it is, arrange for the customer to sign the offer acceptance form and return to

Step 4: Complete
In 5 working days, we will email you back with confirmation that the request has been processed and when the change will take effect.

You will receive your 0.3% procuration fee within 30 days of the product switch becoming effective.

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