1. Hard-to-place cases come
    in all shapes and sizes
  2. But they don’t have
    to be monstrous
  3. But they don’t have
    to be monstrous
  4. As a specialist
    mortgage provider
  5. As a specialist
    mortgage provider
  6. We can help banish
    your mortgage demons
  7. We can help banish
    your mortgage demons
  8. With effective, flexible
    mortgage solutions
  9. With effective, flexible
    mortgage solutions

  • Case study 1
    Paul: the professional
    portfolio landlord

    Case Study 1 Discover how we helped landlord Paul refinance several maturing loans, enabling him to expand his portfolio.

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  • Case study 2
    Susan: the expat
    looking to let

    Case Study 2

    With an exciting new job opportunity overseas, we helped Susan keep a foothold in the UK by financing her property purchase.

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  • Case study 3
    Romesh: the enterprising

    Case Study 3

    Landlord Romesh wanted to purchase another property to rent to local University students, here’s how we helped him.

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  • Hard-to-place cases:
    an insider's guide

    Hard To Place

    Exclusive insight from expert broker and Director at Coreco, Andrew Montlake.

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  • Top tips to stop mortgages becoming monstrous

    Our guide to spotting hard-to-place cases and how to deal with them quickly and effectively.

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  • Our products -
    all in one place

    For more information
    on our range of products.

    Download our Product Guide

As a broker, you know that every mortgage placement presents a different set of challenges. If you have clients who are self-employed, have poor credit or work in an industry where proving their income is tricky, you may find it tough placing their mortgage with the bigger providers. 

As a specialist mortgage provider, we offer flexible, reliable mortgage solutions designed to meet the unique needs of your clients and your business. To help you tackle cases quickly and effectively, we’ve created a range of guides and videos packed with specialist insight and expert advice.

How to spot hard-to-place cases

Providing your clients with the best solutions means understanding the problems they face. 
Here are a few of the common complications you may encounter when tackling a case:

  • Large loans

    High value residential and Buy to Let mortgages can be problematic to place. We have the expertise to provide more flexible solutions than the bigger suppliers.
  • Buy to let and rental coverage

    Flexibility is key for clients that rely on rent as part of their income. As a specialist lender we understand the complexities of the rental market.
  • Providing proof of income

    There are many professions where evidencing your income can be complicated. We can help you provide the right evidence to ensure your client’s placement is successful.
  • Adverse credit

    Credit blips are one of the most common demons faced by clients. You need to ensure that you get the full facts before talking to a lender to help avoid any nasty surprises later down the line.
  • Supporting Expats

    Expat clients present a unique set of problems for mortgage brokers. We can help you understand the documentation you need to provide to make a successful case.

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