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Limited company loans

Our Limited Company Buy to Let mortgages are available to limited company borrowers, such as those who have established a UK-based Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) for their property or portfolio. We can also lend to clients looking to purchase or remortgage through a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) for Buy to Let properties, provided they meet our lending criteria.

As well as offering mortgages for standard Buy to Let properties, we also have products for HMO properties, Student Lets and multiple units on a single freehold.

Our mortgages for limited companies offer sensibly priced products backed by a personal service and case by case underwriting.

Solicitors Panel and fees

In order to take out a Limited Company/LLP Buy to Let mortgage with us, the borrower will have the option to either:

  1. Select one of the firms on our Limited Company conveyancing panel to act for both them and the Bank on a joint representation basis; or
  2. Instruct a firm of their choice to act for them only. The Bank will then instruct one of its approved firms to act on its behalf on a sole representation basis.

Is your client a portfolio landlord? You will need to use our Buy to Let Hub. Find out more.

Key facts

  • We can consider loans up to 85% LTV, up to £1m
  • 65-80% LTV rates are available up to £3m
  • Loans over 80% LTV are not available for first time landlords
  • Loans above £3m are assessed on a bespoke basis
  • Maximum of 4 Directors (all Directors will be asked to sign a personal guarantee)
  • Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) must be UK-based
  • We will accept SPVs with mortgages from other lenders on the basis there is no floating/comfort charge on the SPV
  • Joint legal representation via Kent Reliance's approved panel of conveyancers only

Product detail

LTV Mortgage type Term Initial rate Product fee Early repayment charge Product code
65% Discounted Variable1 2 3.49% 1.50% No ERCs 01005 SBTL1702
65% Fixed 2 3.19% 1.50% 3% in years one and two 01006 SBTL1702
75% Discounted Variable2 2 3.69% 1.50% No ERCs 01009 SBTL1702
75% Fixed 2 3.39% 1.50% 3% in years one and two 01010 SBTL1702
75% Fixed 5 3.79% 2.00% 5% in year one, 4% in year two and 3% in years three, four and five 01012 SBTL17F5
80% Discounted Variable3 2 3.99% 1.50% No ERCs 01013 SBTL1702
80% Fixed 2 3.69% 1.50% 3% in years one and two 01014 SBTL1702
80% Fixed 5 4.39% 2.00% 5% in year one, 4% in year two and 3% in years three, four and five 01207 SBTL17F5
85% Discounted Variable4 2 4.89% 2.50% No ERCs 01017 SBTL1702
85% Fixed 2 4.59% 2.50% 3% in years one and two 01018 SBTL1702
85% Fixed 5 5.29% 2.50% 5% in year one, 4% in year two and 3% in years three, four and five 01208 SBTL17F5

13.34% |23.14% | 32.84% | 41.94%

Minimum loan £50,000. Maximum loan £750,000. When the LTV exceeds 75% a minimum loan of £100,000 applies. Loans over 80% LTV are not available for first time landlords.

The Buy to let variable rate is 6.83%.

Admin fee £130 payable at time of application. Please note that applications will not be processed until this fee is received.

All our products are subject to availability and may be withdrawn at any time.

ERCs may be incurred for full redemption or repayment of capital.

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